In the first week of my degree, a lecturer asked us if we had ever hidden or changed our accent. My response – yes, to get in to this university.


As PR professionals, we are no longer what society says we are. Gone are the days of misbehaving. We now have professional bodies, Codes of Conduct, and continuing professional development. The Chartered Institute of Public Relations even have a requirement in their CPD for development on the topic of ethics. But it’s not just about our own, or even our company’s, actions. It’s also about how we become facilitators to ensure where others spot unethical behaviour that they have the freedom, and information, to speak up.

I was reflecting on why, as a professional, I feel the need to be part of a professional body. I’ve been fortunate in my career to date to learn a lot from my PR colleagues and managers within my employment. They’ve challenged and supported me, helped me learn new skills, and improved my PR and communications skills. Therefore, why look elsewhere? I’m ticking all the boxes for my professional development, job done.

Instead, when it comes to continuing professional development, I’ve found that variety really is the spice of life.

The CIPR has begun a strong call to its members and PR professionals to take the next step in their development and #GetChartered. With a new cohort of Chart.PR graduating this week, the Chartered Programme has seen over 250 pass through. But is it really worth it?

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