If you’ve watched the latest (and, in my opinion, incredible) BBC programmes such as the Bodyguard, Killing Eve, or the eleventh Dr Who, you’ll have noticed a shift in the number of women stepping in to the spotlight roles. Instead of being love interests, shooting targets, secretaries or damsels in distress, these programmes, and many others, have placed women in to the leading roles. But criticism for the programmes ‘airbrushing reality’ from writer Daisy Goodwin has both angered and challenged me to reflect on whether there is a ‘right way’ to tackle representation.


On Twitter this week I saw (shared by @CF_Farrow) posters by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust to promote emergency contraception from their sexual health clinic. I appreciate it’s not the jazziest of topics to communicate...

Let’s clarify from the very start; I’m not encouraging inappropriate behaviour! I don’t want to encourage us to kiss but to KISS - keep it simple stupid. An acronym made famous by the US Navy in the 1960’s and one that underlines what I feel all communicators have a duty to do.

The internet is rife with people spouting their thoughts, feelings and recommendations online so I can already feel the tension as you wonder why on earth I’m adding to the noise.

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