In the first week of my degree, a lecturer asked us if we had ever hidden or changed our accent. My response – yes, to get in to this university.


What matters is that people of different backgrounds and social positions encounter one another, and bump up against one another, in the course of ordinary life.

What we communicate, whether professionally or personally, has power and influence. We can sway a decision, impart knowledge, or cause offence. We can boost self-esteem, correct misinformation, or motivate a course of action. All of these can be done just by using words and they can have positive, or negative, ramifications. I’ve been reflecting on the power of our words because of how this week has begun and ended.

Speech has power. Words do not fade. What starts out as a sound, ends in a deed.

As PR professionals, we are no longer what society says we are. Gone are the days of misbehaving. We now have professional bodies, Codes of Conduct, and continuing professional development. The Chartered Institute of Public Relations even have a requirement in their CPD for development on the topic of ethics. But it’s not just about our own, or even our company’s, actions. It’s also about how we become facilitators to ensure where others spot unethical behaviour that they have the freedom, and information, to speak up.

After selling almost 11 million copies of her books in over 40 countries, Marie Kondo’s tidying methods, the KonMari method, has become a weirdly relaxing phenomenon. With her Netflix series now online, I’m a new addition to her audience and I’ve been captured by her soothing voice and her attention to detail. Although relaxing and therapeutic, there has been one cause for concern when it comes to her thoughts on my one true love: books.

Video didn’t kill the radio star, and it doesn’t look like podcasts will kill it either. At least that’s the only thing I took away from the recent BBC Radio 4 Media Show debate (to be aired at 4:30pm today) on revolutions of technology in the audio market.

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